Training Log: week 1

So, I made it through the first week. There was lots of hotness in the air, so workouts were either really early in the morning, or later in the evening, but I'd call this first official week of marathon training season a success.

It looked a little like this:

Monday - track workout: mile repeats. They went alright. I did three one-mile repeats at a pretty good pace (7:47, 7:47, 8:10). I started with a one-mile warm-up, and ended with a one-mile cool-down.

Tuesday - Cross train. I mapped out a 17-mile bike route, and loved every bit. There's just a couple killer hills, and the rest is smooth sailing. I finished in 1 hour, 16 minutes.

Wednesday - Tempo run. Ran this with Courtney and Mary later in the evening. It was muggy. We ran a six miles. The first two miles were easy, second two were fast, last two easy again. It was rough. Tempo runs equal Not My Favorite Thing.

Thursday - Back on the bike for cross training. Same 17-mile route. Finished in 1 hour, 5 minutes.

Friday - Long, slow run. Courtney and I headed out for a 13-miler in the evening. The sun was bright, but it wasn't too hot out. However, we were both damn thirsty and sucked her fuel belt dry. We finished in 2 hours, 10 minutes. But I tried, for the first time, the Jeff Galloway method of walking for one minute every mile. It was wonderful. That's how I plan to run the fall marathons. I felt perfectly fine Saturday morning; barely any soreness.

Saturday - I planned to rest, but when AJ wanted to meet for a run, I was totally not going to turn her down. We ran for an hour, which ended up being just under a six-mile run. Not bad, but again, the sun was bright and we were both thirsty as Hell.

Sunday - I planned to rest today, too, but couldn't resist my bike. Headed out on the same 17-mile loop. Finished in 1 hour, 12 minutes.

Miles ran: about 30
Miles biked: 51