Too much caramel latte.

OMG YOU GUYS, IT SNOWED! No, for real. It snowed. In fact, it is actively snowing as we type. Or as I type, you read. And you can read all about it in the newspaper. Many (lucky) people have snow days today. I do not. However, do you want to know how many people are going to buy running shoes today? Oh, I don't know, NO ONE.

So it's just me, my caramel latte, and Mariah Carey Christmas music on Pandora. I'm also watching the snow fall on my freshly shoveled sidewalk in front of the store. Jerks.

But isn't this fun!?!1

Yes. It is.

I don't have much of anything worthwhile to say today. You know, except that it snowed. But you already heard all about that on the BREAKING NEWS on your television, I'm sure. Also, if you're interested, I was sneaky and linked my other blog right over on the left side of your screen. Go ahead, go look. See? Each time I post a new post over there, it will link over here.

By doing so, I'm also taking a huge leap of faith in that none of you are insane, people-eaters. Because I'm not quite as anonymous over there. So you just nevermind that.

Thank you.

So, I'm just going to continue doing nothing. Looking at shoes, and things. You go ahead and continue doing whatever you're doing. What are you doing? If you're snow-daying today, I'm totally jealous.