Tonight's the night.

In an hour this election and campaign will be OVER. Holy crap.

Two months ago I'm all, "YAY! Campaign! Fun! Job! Money!" Now I'm all, "Shit. Now what?"

First thing I'm going to do is come out of hiding on this blog. There's a new site in the works, but that isn't ready for the "big reveal," so you guys are stuck with this old clunker.

Think anyone will come back?

In other news, my ever-growing list of unemployed friends continues to grow. We're like a colony. A colony of awesome unemployed people. We're considering moving to an island and just being awesome.

"Oh, hey Krista, what are you up to these days?"

"Oh, you know, I'm busy awesoming all over my island."

It'll be like the island of misfit toys. You should all lose your jobs and join us. Par-ty.

Also, I'm going to the land of Michigan to visit AJ this weekend.


So excited.

Haven't seen her in OVER A YEAR. That's, like, over a year too long. I might die. We're also going for a super 20-mile run together on Saturday. I can't wait, which is disgusting. Since when can I "not wait" to run 20 miles?

But it's with AJ! It'll be like old times!

Le sigh.

I'm feeling a little nervous to come out of hiding on this bad boy. It's been all fun and naughty because I can say things like FUCK and SHIT and DAMMIT and not even cringe.

But tomorrow, back to the cringing. Or at least pretending to cringe. I'll say FUCK all day and not even blink. But some people frown upon that. Sorry to those people.

So, that's that. It's been a fun secret ride with you folks. I just wanna wrap you up in a taco shell and eat you for dinner. You're THAT precious. Plus, I'm hungry, so whatever.

I shall see you on the other side, my loves...