Today I turned off Christmas music.

I turned off the Christmas music this morning. It was a pretty tragic and defining moment in my young life. If I had to hear Dan fucking Fogelberg's "Same Old Lang Syne" one more time, I was going to die. Actually die. Our "All Christmas, All the Time" radio station around these parts is horrendous. I blame its lack of creativity and variety for ruining Christmas. Also Dan Fogelberg. DAMN YOU, Fogelberg! Damn yooooooooooooou! So what else is new? You'll be pleased to know I've yet to suffer another slipping-on-ice episode, although over the weekend I did smack my head pretty good on a fire extinguisher (yeah, I don't know either). It's been determined that I need to wear a helmet. At all times. I feel like maybe God is punishing me. My parents never dropped me on my head as a baby, so he's forcing it to happen now.


I'm getting pretty pumped for Christmas. I love giving presents and opening presents and seeing presents and watching Christmas movies and eating cookies and ... OK, did you puke yet? But still. CHRISTMAS. *scream*

Although I'm sort of dreading the post-holiday letdown that follows every holiday season. Everything is bright! And cheery! And magical! And presents! And joy! And parties! And food! And family! AND PRESENTS! And then, BAM, it's January 1. THEN what the hell are we supposed to do? It's like we're faced with a whole new chunk of 365 days. We have to do it all AGAIN. All of THAT. Every month. Every season. But we just DID all that!

On the other hand, it's a whole new year, which is always fantastic. We can pretend 2010 never happened and start anew. Although, I sort of liked 2010 for the most part. I think... *thinking* ... Yes. Yes I did like it. So that just means I can make 2011 even cooler.

SEE. Just like that I was able to self-talk my way into optimism. Thank you, blog.

There's really nothing new to report here. Just wanted to pop in and make sure you were all out there merry Christmasing amongst yourselves. I'm still working on my 2011 Bucket List, but promise it'll be up soon. Until then, may God and Dan Fogelberg be with you.