Thursday nights make me so happy.

George loves Izzie. And I don't hate Lexie. In fact, I like Lexie. And George loves Izzie. And Meredith is an idiot. And poor Cristina. And that guy's head was disconnected from his body, and Izzie saved a deer. And George loves Izzie.

I love Grey's Anatomy so much. I feared this season would be a flop, but if the first episode has any say, it's going to be just as good as the last three.

I'm glad to see Cristina show emotion. I liked the little moment she shared with Alex in the hallway. And I love Lexie. I loved her moment with George, who loves Izzie.

That was probably one of the sweetest moments I've witnessed on the show, ruined only by Meredith's 156th attempt to break up with Derek, who is McDreamy and, oh my God, is she an idiot?

I vote yes.

I go back and forth between loving and hating Callie. Tonight, she annoyed me, but probably because Izzie is my favorite, and she loves George. And also because I wish Bailey would've been chosen as chief resident, but at least the chief had a good reasoning behind it. He almost redeemed himself.

I'm glad Burke's gone, because Isaiah Washington is a pompous douchebag, but I'm sad for Cristina.

Ah, I missed television season. I'm so happy it's back.