Thirty, flirty and thriving.

If the weekend of my thirtieth birthday is any indication of what my thirties will be like, OH MY GOD. There are possibly better words for all the happiness that is floating adrift in my body, but they don't exist yet. MY HAPPINESS IS SO PROGRESSIVE, YOU GUYS. Also. I completed my very first week at my very new job. You know that feeling when you get dumped by a guy, and you're very sad and very down on yourself because WHY? And then you find a new guy who values you, respects you, appreciates you, has time for you, is excited to have you, and basically isn't an asshole? IT'S LIKE THAT. Just like that. In one week I feel more welcomed, more valued, more useful and more at ease than I felt in the year and a half prior. So this is what it's like to have found the right fit, huh? This is that magical feeling everyone talks about. I'm excited for what's to come, and have so far very much enjoyed what I've been doing. Plus they keep Dunkin' Donuts coffee on hand, and you guys, that stuff is amazing.

There are SO many fun things to discuss about this weekend, like the 31-mile trail race I ran with my bestest good friends on Saturday for my birthday, and the tattoo I got drilled into my ribs this afternoon, but I just don't have the patience to let it all flow from my fingertips just yet. So I shall provide you with photos for now, and that will have to do.

And to everyone who helped make the beginning of this new decade the greatest beginning to date: L-O-V-E.