Things #iLove

The sound of the bell on my cat's collar. The sound of the train that runs through my neighborhood; it's home. Mini vegan chocolate tart from the Willy Street Co-Op. The scent of my Butterfly Flowers lotion from Bath & Body Works; it smells like last summer. Laughing until my face hurts. The first five minutes of a spotless apartment. The chime of my BlackBerry Messenger when I get a new message. Running in the silence after a snowfall. Running, period. Making my mom laugh. Seeing my dad cheer me on during a race; he's so proud. We're not twins, but somehow my sister and I have formed our own language. We only use it to say goodbye.

Waking up in the middle of the night, only to realized my alarm won't go off for many more hours. Thunder. The relief after a good cry. Being human enough to still cry over lost love and love not yet found. The first miles in a new pair of running shoes. Crossing a finish line. Tanlines. Freckles.

Finding an album that's so good I have it on repeat at all times. Jason Mraz, Michael Jackson and fictional vampires. Every new friend I've made in recent months. The Barrie Burger at AJ Bombers. The smell of a campfire. A good hug. An even better kiss. A new-found love of snowshoeing.

NetFlix, Twitter & my Garmin. Crawling into my bed after it's been warmed by my electric blanket. Sleeping with the window open on a warm night. The view of downtown and the Monona Terrace at night. Sharing a glass of wine with good company. Learning someone.

Happy Valentine's Day. Love something new.