The doggy tale

In two weeks our little common law family will expand by one animal. 

For those of you following along at home on literally any social media outlet, you'll see we've found a dog to adopt. The opportunity fell into our laps quite quickly, but it's too good to not give it a shot.

We've wanted a dog for a long, long time. We dreamed of finding our own brand new puppy and naming him Wilson, in honor of the street of the apartment that brought us together. We only recently discovered we can't have a puppy in our duplex.

I felt crushed at first -- I really want a puppy in my lifetime. But we decided that once we grow up and into our own home, we'll have our Wilson. For now, we'll stick to adopting a grownup doggy.

Enter Luna.

I've spent the last month or so searching for our perfect dog. I've contacted breeders (I know, sin), rescues, friends. To be honest, the process overwhelmed me a bit. The perfect solution would be to find a wonderful rescue dog and save her from a miserable life. But there are applications and paperwork and home visits and fees and my mind swirled with trying to make it all happen.

I sweat under pressure.

Earlier this week, a friend sent me information about a local woman who just returned from rescuing three dogs from a high-kill shelter in North Carolina. Jean, Athena and Lady. She needed quick help finding good foster homes or forever homes, so I emailed her immediately. 

After a series of emails, Travis and I found ourselves at her home, surrounded by three happy dogs. Turns out, these pups are about two years old and surrendered without names. Up until a year ago, the shelter they were dumped in would mass euthanize its overpopulated facility with gas chambers. 

The thought makes me sick.

Jean immediately stood out to me as the sweetest, most meek of the bunch. Petite, polite, desperate for affection. She'd been called Jean for the last month by the volunteers who worked with her. 

loved her. Immediately. As I do. She would be mine. Oh, she would.

We'd also decide to call her Luna, not Jean. 

Though, I personally think Jean is a goddamn delightful name for a dog.

So, in a couple of weeks, she's coming home with us. 

She'll be spayed in the meantime, and have a bit of time to work on some manners, but on July 25, Chicken is going to have a canine sister. 

That's the tricky part. Chicken. Introducing a doggy into the life of my most sweet, precious kitty cat. A cat who's relished in the only-pet household for the last year. I've delayed the dog idea for a while solely because I wanted Chicken to enjoy the new happiness she'd discovered. 

I want to do this right. And I want to do it carefully. I can't wait to bring a sweet, rescued puppy into our home and give her the happiest life she could ever imagine. I've dreamed of having my own doggy for as long as I can remember. A companion! A running buddy! Someone to bring along on road trips and visits to my parents! 

I'm confident she'll work out just fine, and with patience, she's going to fit right in. I'm just mentally preparing myself for the work it'll take to get there, and the small upheaval in "normal" life. I'm also giving Chicken daily pep talks and snuggles to prepare her for what's to come. 

In the meantime, we need to snag a doggy crate and doggy food bowls and a doggy bed and all the doggy goods possible. I'm both excited and overwhelmed by the preparation. A DOGGY. OUR OWN DOG. OUR OWN LUNA. 

But let's talk about that name for a minute. Travis and I sat with a Post-It scribbled with names, debating the likelihood of each. Was she a Nora? A Stella? A Boston? A Willa? Did we want to go with Luna? Lola? Lyla? 

In the end, we agreed on Luna. And in typical Krista fashion, the proper name is Bella Luna Lovegood Rescue Ranger Bug Ziegbetter. Because Luna is too simple. 

Jason Mraz has a song called Bella Luna, hence the Bella. Luna Lovegood is a delightful character in Harry Potter, hence the Lovegood. All good animal names need a middle initial, hence the R, which we decided would stand for Rescue. Rescue, of course, only made us think of Rescue Rangers, so we tacked that on. Any animal in my life is automatically a Bug, and Ziegbetter is the portmanteau of our last names. 

Trust me. It all makes sense in my head. That's all that matters.

I'm a little worried about the temporary upheaval to Chicken's life, I'm just as worried about Travis adjusting to life with an animal that barks and jumps and generally disrupts the otherwise calm normalcy of our lives, but I'm not giving up on Luna. 

We found her and she found us and she deserves the patience and love someone else apparently didn't have time for. She's being rescued. 

We'll make it work.