The wedding of the season.

I don't really cry at weddings. I thought for a while there was some sort of genetic malformation in my brain. Crying at weddings just feels like the right thing to do. You know, all the love and promises and adoring glances and sighs. WHY DON'T I JUST CRY AT THEM LIKE A NORMAL PERSON? And then Miranda got married on Saturday. Oh, you guys. OH MY GOD. I was a blubbering fool. Tears. They just poured. POURED! From the INSTANT I watched Tom walk their mothers down the aisle (sob) until I grabbed Miranda into a giant hug after the ceremony (BOTH of us, sob).

I've known Miranda for two years, and she instantly became one of my closest and dearest friends on earth. Ever. There isn't even a hint of exaggeration when I say that she is probably the most kind, genuine, generous, caring, loving, selfless, beautiful person I know. Their reception was flooded with loving friends. She had seven bridesmaids, but probably could have had 37. All because every time she touches a life, she's got a friend for life. She's THAT good.

Tom is her equivalent. Amazing. I don't know that I've seen two people more absolutely perfect for one another. He's also kind. He's also selfless and genuine and beautiful. The look on his face when she came down the aisle. Oh my sob. And when he turned to her quietly to say, "You look beautiful."


She did look beautiful. And she absolutely glowed.

I cry at weddings now. Or at least I cried at theirs. It was perfect. There isn't a single doubt in my mind that these two are going to have a lifetime together. I wish them all the happiness, all the love, and all the wonderful things that are coming their way. They deserve all of it.

I love you, Mir.