The ultimate in blogger conventions.

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I met the original blogging ladies in Wauwatosa tonight at the Cheesecake Factory for food, gossip and cheesecake. Also a smelly waiter and poor service, but that's just details. Erin and I have a real-life friendship that dates back to, you know, March, but I'd yet to meet fellow bloggers Elizabeth and Sara. We've only carried on our friendships via the Internets, which is my preferred method of friendship. Obviously.

It was fabulous for the four of us to gather - in the real world - and discover we're all just as cool as we assumed we already were. Elizabeth is as sweet as I figured, Erin's still hot and Sara's sassy, even more so than her blog would lead one to believe. And I? Well, I talk a lot. About nothing.

We've been planning to get together, the four of us, for months. But turns out, weird, real life is busy, and getting four married women together in the same place at once is a lot like herding puppies into a cardboard box.

But the night went off without a hitch, and we carried on conversations as if we'd known each other for years, which, if you count cyberspace, is almost true.

I didn't miss Milwaukee traffic one ounce, though. Rush hour is a lot like being trapped in a defunct elevator with a screaming baby and a steaming pile of shit. There is no way out, and it sort of makes you psychotic. But the hassle was worth it. Because now I can say I have two less iFriends and two more real friends. And then I don't sound so pathetic.

And when Sara asked us, at the end of the night, in utmost sincerity, what a spatula was, it made me realize that, you know, some people are high quality. And they deserve more than just the World Wide Web.