The tragedies of pet people.

There are pet people and there are not-pet people. Obviously we know I'm pet people. I find the distinction between cat people and dog people obnoxious because WHY MUST WE CHOOSE? Screw that. I love both. I want both. OMG FURRY ANIMALS. Need. I want all of the animals. All of them. Except birds because they creep my shit out. But ducks. Give me all of the ducks, too. I love ducks. See what happens there? I start talking about furry animals and completely lose my mind, getting wildly off track.

A friend of mine had to put her cat to sleep a couple weeks ago. She was so heartbroken it kind of made me heartbroken. As resident Cat Lady of the Internet, that pain was tangible. I could imagine her pain because, let me tell you, the day that becomes my reality is the day you all come and lock me in a padded room. I have cats. They are mine. I raised them, they've followed me everywhere. I remember getting Chicken as a tiny, tiny, clumsy kitten for my 20th birthday. I was so happy then because KITTIES LIVE SO LONG! I'm still going to have her in my thirties! MY THIRTIES! THAT'S SO LONG AND SO FAR AWAY.

I'm 30.

Ten years was not that long. Granted, Chicken is 10, and healthy as healthy can be, as far as I know. I don't expect imminent doom any time soon, but still. And Harley, well, she's 8 going on insane, so. She's just lovely.

I have my kitties and I love my kitties. They are my children, and all you parents who are rolling your eyes right now can come right over and kiss my ass. I want children. I will have children when the time comes. But guess what? I DON'T HAVE CHILDREN RIGHT NOW, so these small creatures that depend on me for life are my children. So shove it.

Moving on.

Last night the most tragic of tragedies happened in my friend's life again. Her other kitty became very ill and after rushing to the emergency vet, she had to put him down, too. TWO CATS IN THREE WEEKS.

I can't even.

Here's the thing: tragedies are happening all over the world. Colorado is burning to the ground, war is killing sons and daughters and moms and dads, babies are getting cancer, Wisconsin is under charge of Scott Walker (sorry, had to). These tragedies are so tragic that I CAN'T imagine them. I can't. I don't have a child to understand the pain of losing a child. And god, I don't want to. Not ever. I don't have war in my life. I don't want that either. I don't want any of those pains. Not ever. But losing a pet is a pain I can imagine. So when I read the news of her second kitty, my heart sunk so deep that I'm embarrassed.

So there you have it. I am full-blown pet people. My heart hurts for all of the tragedies in the world today. All of them. But here's a small tragedy that struck a chord in my little, animal-loving heart, because it's a tragedy I can relate to. So let's all hold hands and be nice to each other because bad things are happening everywhere. And also because Scott Walker is still governor.