The terrible twos are over.

It's someone's birthday today. THREE YEARS OLD.  Guess. Guess whose it is! Do it! 


:: insert balloons and cheering and standing ovations here ::

Conversation With Myself turns three today. Seems like just yesterday I was bored in my room and decided to jump on the blogging bandwagon because "everyone was doing it." Jumping on bandwagons is what I do. Who knew I'd still be sitting in my bedroom, bored, three years later?

(I did).

If you were to read this blog from start to finish (I would not recommend it), you'd learn quite a bit about me. But rather than bore you with three years of drivel, I'll sum it up: I don't think before I act (ever), I have cats, sometimes I'm moody (more often than not), and I like Jason Mraz. 

That's some fascinating shit. 

So, in conclusion, I'd like to say I'm glad I can sit here and talk about myself for days and months and years on end, and it NEVER GETS OLD.


As an aside, someone else turns three today, too. A little sassy character named Lauren, who's been celebrating my blog birthday with me since she was birthed. Her mom and I, you know, planned it this way. 

"Hey, you pop out a kid, and I'll start a blog. ON THE SAME DAY."

So, a happy birthday to the little tot from all of us at Conversation With Myself.

Oh, wait. It's just me.