The photoshoot.

Of course, Katie, Jeremy and I took several photos of ourselves at Devin and Erica's wedding, because I don't know if you know this, but, we love ourselves.

And because I didn't want to rain on Devin and Erica's post, I will give the photos their own post. We had a blast at the wedding, and took full advantage of the free beer and wine before the reception. And by full advantage, I mean, I may or may not have been double-fisting some chardonnay at one point or another.

Instead of the traditional clinking-of-the-glass kissing, Erica and Devin did something a little different. Every couple in attendance had their names in a bucket. And any time someone clinked their glass during dinner to make the newlyweds kiss, the names of a couple were pulled at random out of the bucket, and that couple was made to kiss. However they displayed their kiss was how the newlyweds were to kiss. Of course, Jeremy and I were pulled out first. And we set the bar.

It was fabulous to see Katie again, and of course even more fabulous for us to see our Erica marry the man of her dreams. All in all, a great night. And great Kodak moments.