The People's Marathon

I was given a very tempting proposition today. It went something like, "We want you to run the Marine Corps Marathon with us!" And me, who'll do just about anything for a free t-shirt, simply replied, "OK!"


The Marine Corps Marathon is in Arlington, Virginia, by the way. One of the largest marathons in the United States. And definitely a "I will run that race before I die" kind of marathon.

I blame Erin for this idea. She's running the race with a friend, who, I hear, would like to meet me. (Hi! I know you're out there! I'm waving at you!) And so, what better way to meet than during a 26.2-mile run? Exactly.

I'm also going to blame Erin for tomorrow night's ass-kicking on Observatory Drive in Madison. For any of you familiar with the University of Wisconsin campus, you know Observatory Drive. And you know its hills. And tomorrow night, she and I will be pummeling those bad boys voluntarily.


Anyhow, back to Marine Corps. The predicament is this - it is one week after the Detroit Marathon, which was originally my fall marathon of choice. Clearly I will not be running two marathons in a week's time.

Can I convince AJ to run Marine Corps with me, too? Instead of Detroit? (Free lodging!) The registration costs are nearly the same. And it's ARLINGTON! Home of Arlington National Cemetery, and need I remind you of my fascination with cemeteries? No. No I need not.

(Hi, JFK's grave site!)

Erin and I'll have a place to stay, which means no lodging costs. I'd come up with airfare when the time comes, and I'm not too worried about that.

The Marine Corps Marathon is not something a runner can just turn down. It would be amazing. And it'd completely continue my destination marathon plan. Chicago? Check. San Francisco? Check. Marine Corps?

Probably check.

Registration opens at 11 a.m. tomorrow. And registration fills quickly. Within the day.

Someone tell me what to do.