The little Chevy that could.

I made a big decision today. A BIG one. I think. Possibly. I'm still trying to convince myself of it. I have been planning on buying a new car for a long time. All I needed was my tax return for a nice down payment.

I've got an acceptable car, so the purchase would be purely selfish and impulsive. Like everything I do. My trusty 2001 Chevy Cavalier has been good to me, but I see it nearing 130,000 miles and I panic.


Nevermind that I still owe on it. And nevermind that it'll be paid off soon if I JUST HOLD OUT A BIT LONGER. Also nevermind that I've never had a problem with it before.

I've had that bad boy for six years, and it's been good to me. Always reliable. Never talks back. I've many times sat in it and cried. Or sweat after a long run. It has seen the worst of me.

Aw, I'm attached.

And so today I decided I'm keeping it. Screw it. I'm going to pay it off. I'm going to drive it into the ground. Hell, maybe I'll even exist without a car payment for a while once it's paid off.

So also today I figured I better start taking care of it. I was already a couple thousand miles late for an every-three-thousand-miles oil change, not to mention there was a terrible groaning that escaped every time I made a turn.

My sweet car needed some loving. So, over $100 later, and after some fresh oil, some new thingamajigs, a flushing of the whatsit and a shiny filter contraption, plus something about power steering juice, it is good as new.

The guy at the oil change place probably could've convinced me to pay for a complete body restoring, though. He was so pacifying and friendly.

For a guy at an oil change place.

"Heeeere, why don't we go ahead and do this, see? It'll be allllll better," he crooned. In my head, anyway.

"Hiiii. Okaaaaay."

I think when it was over, my car actually squeezed a tear. It's so happy. We even cuddled earlier in the garage. I want to hold its hand and talk baby talk to it. My sweet, baby, baby, baby car. Hi! I love you!

It suddenly drives so much better. The groaning stopped, the turns are smoother.


And so I'll keep it.

But so help me God, if that mothertrucker even thinks of breaking down in the next year it is SO OVER.