The heavens opened and the angels sang.

I AM ALIVE! OK, that's all. Bye!


So, first things first. I moved. I'd go on and on about how much moving sucks, but I'll spare you. And, instead, we'll talk about my precious, little apartment and all of its itty-bitty glory.

I have a home! Squeal! It's a little snug, but I like it, if I do say so myself. It perfectly fits all of my belongings and my kitties and my bike, propped up against a wall behind a chair. I had to use my space wisely, for studios are not meant for pack rats. (pack rat = me).

I also spent the weekend camping.

OK, not so much in-a-tent camping as in-my-apartment camping. I didn't tell this part of the story to my parents all weekend for fear they'd drive all the way up to my apartment to rescue their baby girl from the darkness. Or yell at me for being stupid. One or the other:



Whoops, my bad.

Turns out the letter I received last week from my landlord stating, "Call WE Energies to set up the electricity in your name," means, "also call them because until you do, you will not have electricity."

And so when I called them on my way up Saturday, and they're all, "Well, the soonest we can get in to turn on your electricity is Monday," I promptly bashed my face into the steering column and threw a small tantrum.

NO ELECTRICITY? It is HOT! I need AIR-CONDITIONING! I did not care about details like light and refrigeration because I do not live without air-conditioning in the midst of June. NO! I won't do it!

But, uh, I did it.

Thanks to the resourcefulness of my lovely girl Elizabeth, I had myself a camping lantern. I also walked (Down the street! I can walk! Everywhere!) down the street to the grocery store and stocked up on candles.

And so that's how I lived like Laura Ingalls Wilder for a weekend. And it wasn't so bad, really. Besides, hurricanes (in Wisconsin, swear-to-God) knocked the power out most of the weekend, anyway.

All my neighbors were like, "Wah! My power's out!" And I'm all, "Dude! I'm way ahead of you!"

It was neat.

Le sigh.

But let me tell you, when I returned home yesterday (from my first day on the job!), whew! The light and television and air-conditioning were MIND-BLOWING!

Look! I can see! And blow-dry my hair! And pee by the light of flourescent bulbs!


And so that's my story. I am moved. And I can walk everywhere (to the lake, to the store, to restaurants, to the dumpster, to my car, to my friend's house, to the corner where a man is begging for money to get to the hospital to see his dying mother, wait, what?).

And now I have electricity.

Next up: the new job.