The final stretch. And there are prizes!

Do you see my face? This is my game face. And my serious face. I am very serious right now. Can you tell? <insert long pause>

I HAVE THREE WEEKS TO RAISE $775 FOR TEAM IN TRAINING. So close! So very, very, very, but-not-really, close. I am offering another incentive this week. Oh, and this is a good one. I swear.

(And to recap the last game, I will have the following names written on my body with a purple Sharpie on race day: Laura, Paul, Josie, Farrah, Joe, Matt, Mike, megroh, Jenn, SJ, sawaboof, Diana, and Charles. In particular order, on no particular body parts. So gigantic thanks to those friendly folks. I promise to post pictures of each name once written in the wee morning of June 6).

But this week we have a new game. For every $25 donation, I will send a postcard. To you. Directly. I will write you a FANTASTIC little note in my very own handwriting. Perhaps an autograph, a kiss, you know, whatever... (cough). Said postcard will come straight from San Diego (where I'll be running the marathon) to your mailbox. Each postcard will be personalized just for you to appropriately express my love and gratitude and all-that-good-stuff. Maybe some snark, too, but that's just how I roll.

For every donation of $50 or more, I will send a postcard and a souvenir. I'm not promising, like, gold, or anything. But it will be good. And from me, so duh. NEAT.

Upon donating on my fundraising site, there is a place to enter your address. This is completely confidential, so please include your address so I know where to mail the goods. After you donate, I'll email a confirmation so I'm sure to address and send the postcard to the right person.

The deadline is Friday, May 14. Noon.

Are you ready? Click the button. GO.