The coolest thing you've never done and need to do immediately.

I had the most magical birthday weekend of all time. Dinner with friends and family, a 13-mile run along my favorite lake route, my very own confetti birthday cake - like, literally. I have the entire cake to myself. This is how I will gain 13 pounds. But Saturday night kicked all of its ass. Mad City Girl and I headed out to Blue Mound State Park to snowshoe. Only we did it at night, in the dark. And the trails were lit by CANDLES. No, it wasn't a romantic evening for two, although that's not to say I wouldn't LOVE a hot date with my favorite Ironwoman (wink, wink), but it was BETTER. Apparently the state parks across Wisconsin hold candlelight cross country ski and snowshoe events throughout the winter. And I'm sorry, but WHO HAS BEEN HIDING THESE FROM US?

The Friends of Blue Mound provided a bonfire, hot cocoa and cider, chili... families were pulling kids on sleds, dogs were playing in the snow, and WE were snowshoeing in the dark lit by candles. It was so awesome. I took pictures, which totally don't do it justice, but I'll post some, anyway. The snowshoe trail was lit on each side, every 5 feet, by candles. So throughout the woods all you could see was the twinkling of candles. Totally would have made a ridiculously romantic date, but MCG was a good substitute.

And this time I'm not kidding - I WILL get a pair of snowshoes. It was  just as fabulous the second time. This was, by far, one of the coolest things I've done. Add it to my Awesome List. See also: everything I ever do, obviously.