That was harder than necessary.

Only 40 more miles to Lansing. Hot damn. I found out this morning that the soundtrack to New Moon was released today. HOW DID THAT HAPPEN WITHOUT MY KNOWLEDGE? Scoff. But turns out I had a hell of a time finding it. Apparently Friday CD release dates cause the planet to go into a tailspin. It took two Wal-Marts, two Best Buys and over 300 miles of traveling to find the damn thing.

I am pleased to say I'm listening to it as we... type. Anya Marina's on it. Love her. Success.

I'm super pumped to get to AJ's. Almost enough to forget that we've got to run a marathon in two days. Le sigh. We're heading out for a final 3-miler when I get there.

And for those playing along at home - I unlocked my Twitter feed. Follow freely and at your own risk. @krittabug, it is.