That was funny.

What is it about laughing that makes everything OK? And what is laughing? What makes us laugh? It's just some peculiar chortle that comes from deep within. What is that? And why does it feel so much better than anything else?

The love of my life could be in the process of leaving me, my best friend could hate me, Jason Mraz could have a girlfriend (sorry, just had to throw that out there)... but something about laughing makes it all go away. Ever-so temporarily.

But if I could live in that feeling, I would. That temporary happiness. That uncontrollable happiness. And what is there to say about the people who make you laugh? It's got to be one of God's greatest gift - the ability to make someone laugh.

I don't know how I feel today. Things are bothering me, worrying me, like any other day. But I just had a good laugh, and suddenly I feel lighter. I laugh until I cry all the time. What a great feeling - and how ironic (is that ironic?) I certainly don't like to cry, but laugh-induced tears are heaven.

I'd like to think I'm a happy person. Laughing is one of my favorite things to do in the world, and maybe that's because of the way I feel when I laugh. I'm afraid to feel any other way. Anyone who can make me laugh - an honest to goodness laugh - is golden to me.

Laughing hysterically can be exhausting. It makes your face hurt. Your belly hurt. Your mascara run. You lose your breath. But isn't that so much better than crying? Crying is exhausting. It makes your face hurt, your belly hurt, your mascara run and your breath short. But it also makes your heart hurt. And laughing is the be all, end all cure for an aching heart. Even just temporarily.