That time we smoked the Bears.

Oh, Lambeau Field. Dad and I spent the day at the Packers game today with MOB and his dad. Daddy bonding day. All was well in the world, especially that part where the score favored on our side at 37-3. 

(Victory dance!)

No tailgating for us (duh, we're grownups) (also, brrrrr), but we did catch some brats and some beer and soda before heading to our seats in the end zone, which were fantastic. I would've complained about being cold, but was wrapped in 47 layers and packed into the stands like a sausage, so no warmth escaped. 

Some yelling and screaming and jumping and cheese curds and and more cheering later, the Packers won, and we headed home with snot in our noses and pink on our cheeks. 

And we all lived happily ever after. Now, photos:


Good day, MOB. He is happy to be here, as you can see.


Clearly not as happy as we are. 


So we got these foam spirit sticks (we called them noodles). They were delicious.


Great noodle action shot.


That's about to be a touchdown, if I'm not mistaken.


Oh no, I was not mistaken. We are enthused.