That sound you heard was my brain exploding.

You guys. In the last 12 hours, the excitement of my life has sky-rocketed, while simultaneously causing my future productivity in life to plummet. Last night I signed up for Netflix, after forever of hemming and hawing over taking the plunge. But in the end, $15 a month for unlimited access to movies and TV shows... WTF WAS I HEMMING OR HAWING FOR? Building my Netflix queue was probably the most, if not a close second or third, magical moment of my young  life. ANYTHING I WANT. Just click, and it shall come. Eventually. You know, the whole three-DVDs-at-a-time rule. But still. OMG. There are so many movies I've yet to see! And the first thing coming to me is season 7 of 24! WHEEEEEEEEEEE. Just in time to catch up before the show picks up again next week. And then True Blood. And then every single awesome movie ever that I've never seen because going to movies is expensive and I really only for for the popcorn anyway. DEEP BREATH. Whoa. This is too much.

And THEN... THEN! I wandered over to Hulu and found that season 5 of LOST is f-i-n-a-l-l-y playing, and I stayed up 'til 2 a.m. getting four episodes deep, and I fully intend to spend every spare moment of today watching the rest. I MISSED THAT SHOW SO MUCH. Sawyer! With no shirt!  And Jack! And Kate! (For real. Hot. Major girl crush). Oh sweet lord I've missed LOST. So now I'll be all caught up on that before it picks up again next month.

Oh, and now it gets better. On Tuesday, Jim Carrey, or the equivalent of such a Cable Guy, is coming to my house to give me basic cable (with HBO a-n-d Cinemax) A-N-D DVR! OMGPONIES! Just in time for every show imaginable to come back on next week. THE OFFICE AND THE VAMPIRE DIARIES AND GREY'S ANATOMY AND PRIVATE PRACTICE AND 90210 AND MELROSE PLACE AND GOSSIP GIRL AND OMG WHY THE HELL DO I WATCH SO MUCH TV?

I can finally leave 1996 and it's VCR and rabbit ears and fuzzy TV channels. I seriously need to sit down. Oh, wait. I am sitting down. I don't think