That one time I was hungry for lunch, but someone ate it.

Food was particularly high on my mind today, as Courtney and I rescheduled our 17-mile run for this evening.

Seventeen miles requires energy. Food equals energy. So I've been drinking plenty of water, ate a good breakfast, and had every intention to eat my delicious, yet low-calorie, Lean Cuisine for lunch. Thai-Style Chicken. So good.

And also funny.

Funny like I went to the freezer in the break room to discover it Was Not There. Someone had eaten it. My Lean Cuisine. Which, today, is equivalent to spoiling the end of the Harry Potter series. I had no lunch. And no money left in my budget this week to buy lunch. I would have to run 17 miles with no gas.

In a flurry of hunger, panic and a tantrum, my coworkers came to the rescue with raspberry yogurt, grapes and a bagel sandwich from Big Apple Bagels. And you can thank them, Whoever Stole My Lunch, for they are the reason I will not cut you today.

By the way, I'm in cut kick today. Clearly. It was either that, or nut punch. And I felt cutting was more family appropriate.