That one time I had to work on Memorial Day.

I had to work today. So while all of you were out grilling brats, getting sunburns, drinking beer, golfing, gardening, laughing, enjoying each other's company, I was working. All day.

So although none of you are reading this right now, because you're all out enjoying life, etc. (screw you), I'm going to ramble incoherently about some things. Very Important Things. Because, you guys, I don't know if you're familiar with this blog, but I spew forth plenty of Very Important Things on a regular basis.


Yesterday, against the almighty, unknowing Will of Mom, I ran the Mad City Half Marathon. And dang if that wasn't one of the toughest courses I've ever run. And the sun was shining. And it was hot. And I'm griping. I finished in one hour and 56 minutes. Which, if you're Mom, you'll point out that my half marathon times are growing progressively worse (1:54, 1:55, 1:56, yes, thank you), however, the time is quite good considering the hills, the heat and the fact that I just ran a half marathon last weekend. Mom's just trying to convince me to quit running and take up recreational drugs, instead. Because it's safer.

I'm just kidding about the drugs part. But she would like to convince me to quit running. But I won't. I probably won't take up recreational drugs, either, because if you know me, not only am I a Drug Free Class of 2000 member, I'm also president. And you know how I feel about those who both grow, sell and partake in the use of illegal byproducts of the Earth.

(Cough) (Again)

(I'm serious)

On a completely unrelated note, I was just bumped over the $500 mark in my Team In Training fundraising efforts. Hooray! Much thanks to Erin and Dave for that one. And also much love to the rest of you who've thrown some dollars my way rather than throwing them into your gas tank, as I've been doing with every bit of money I earn.

And then here's the part where I - again - remind you to check out my fundraising website and read my story, and Amelia's story, and urge you to help me help her. And also urge you to urge your friends (family, coworkers, neighbors, mailman, creepy man you pass on the sidewalk, etc.) to also help me help her. Thanks, and that ends today's Public Service Announcement.

In addition, I continued on my quest to Pretend To Golf on Friday night. The evening on the course was fruitful, as I swiftly learned to sometimes hit the ball on first swing, and also to successfully snap a tee in half while only driving the ball ahead three (and-a-half) feet. However, with that said, my putting significantly improved and The Fiance and I also caught a turtle. Because if you can't catch an amphibian on a Friday night, what can you do? Really. Pictures to come.

Also, wedding plans are streaming along swimmingly. Funny that I previously mentioned the invites, too. Funny like there actually is a minor typographical error on them. However, you can breathe again, it is easily fixable. And I maybe only pulled out one hair. And didn't even curse the Blessid Virgin Mary or kick and scream. In fact, I considered sending them as is, until I realized people will read them and realize I am a journalist and "can't she even send a grammatically perfect wedding invitation? God." And so I shall fix them. With that said, they are fabulous invitations, by the way.

Furthermore, my bridal shower is coming. It's coming! And more importantly, people are coming! Score one for Mom and her planning efforts. And, plans for my intimate gathering of bridesmaids and girlfriends is also underway for Krista's Bachelorette Party Double-O-7. Personalized tank tops and Michael Jackson will probably be involved. Also plastic penis straws and earrings.

So, that concludes what I have to say today. I hope you all enjoyed rubbing your three-day weekends in my sunburnt face. Until next time...