Thanks for bringing it up.

"I really like your last name," the stranger said, as she glanced at my paperwork, smiling and nodding. She was serious.

First of all, what? No one really likes my last name. I was baffled. It's not a pretty name. It has to be spelled every time.

"...'D' as in dog, 'B' as in boy..."

I've got the routine down.

I'm not sure how to handle a compliment (?) of that nature. Thanks? Is that what you say? I came up with it myself? I'll tell me ancestors? Bless their hearts?

And so I said, "Thank you. I was called 'Bedwetter' as a child. It rhymes."

That stopped the conversation. Promptly.

"Oh," she said, glancing away. She was stifling laughter, I know it. "It most certainly does rhyme."

Thank you. You can go ahead and just call me Krista.