SWF seeks people who don't suck.

I'm sure it's the unemployment talking, but dammit I'm bored. Bored and lonesome. The day I get a job, I'm going to need to be reintroduced to the world of sociability. I sit at home during the day and stare at the TV. Or read a book. Or talk to animals. I don't even know how to behave in a social situation anymore. I live in a house with real, live people, but they have jobs and social lives and so I rarely see them. So it's me, the dogs and a couple cats.

I'm turning into a f-r-e-a-k.

I need friends. Yes, I HAVE friends, but 92-point-all-of-them live elsewhere. In the city's I've left behind. Hi! I miss you, friends!

The absence of a job and the absence of a social life is becoming the bane of my existence. I suddenly realized I've been in this city for three months, and have met approximately three-and-a-half people. One is leaving for DC, one is her boyfriend, one is here and the other, well, doesn't count.

Somehow this equation does not add up to a comfortable circle of friends.

Um, I do not know how to meet new people. And, seriously, as if dating isn't hard enough. How the hell does a person meet friends? Awkward.

I feel by this stage in life, everyone already has friends. Maybe they aren't in the market. Kind of like all acceptable men. BUT WHAT ABOUT MEEE? I'm all bashful and awkward and making friends is HARD.


Maybe when I get a job, friends will come with the territory. But what if they don't want a new friend? What if I grow old and die and all my friends in other places are all, "Aw, poor Krista. Remember when she LIVED HERE and we WERE ALL FRIENDS? Then she moved away and died alone? With cats."


I need a book club. Or a running group. Or a therapist. (Ha... ha, ha). New friends? Are you out there? Hi! Call me!