Surprise! No one was dying, gay or pregnant!

So remember that one time my mom freaked out because her sweet, loving, adoring, awesome, neat, talented, beautiful (that's enough, Krista), successful, precious daughters were coming home to take her for a late birthday dinner? And she was having none of it? Because she thought we were only coming to break some shocking news to her? Because WHY would we just COME HOME and take her to dinner? A month after her birthday? Out of the goodness of our hearts? We definitely have something up our sleeves. Because we wouldn't just do that. She was right.

See that look on her face? That is surprise, friends, because we badass children punked her ass and threw her a surprise party for her 50th birthday. And it_was_awesome. We'd been planning it since before her June 2nd birthday, but one thing was true - it was hard to come upon a date that worked for everyone, so a month later, it was. Everyone was there. Her favorite coworkers, her mom, her niece, her childhood friends, ev-er-y-one. We did good. Plus her loving, doting daughters and husband were there, too, duh.

It was a blast. She wore a birthday crown, even. What a sport. She had presents and cake and pizza. It was like we were all 5 again. And how cute is she? Seriously? She kind of is like a 5-year-old. The Big Surprise of 2010 will go down as a highlight of the year, for sure.

Look! Aren't we all having so much fun! And look at my dress!

The sassy sissy masterminds. The belles of the ball, after ma, of course.


My neato parental units, and ma in her birthday crown. Happy!

You can clearly see where I get my height. And looks.

CAKE. nom-nom-nom.