Sure, let's go run 165 miles

I'm running 30 miles next Tuesday.

And Wednesday and Thursday and Friday and Saturday. That's 150 miles in five days, and I'll still have 15 left to go on Sunday.


Let's talk about how I haven't run a step since hobbling to an aid station at mile 21 of the Bend Marathon on April 24. And how since, I've spent hundreds of dollars at the chiropractor and all my free time rehabbing at Recharge, and all my brain space panicking about running 165 miles in six days.


I head to Portland Sunday night, fly to Vernal, Utah, on Monday, join the MS Run the US crew that night, and start my miles to Steamboat Springs on Tuesday morning. I've been dreaming about this adventure for almost a year. I may have dreamed it'd all go a little smoother in the month leading up to it, but hey, I never take the easy route. 

I'm hoping to share each day's adventure here as the evenings wind down (and while I'm probably buried in ice on the RV in the middle of nowhere), so pay attention. 

It's not going to be pretty and it won't be pain-free, but it'll be worth it. The cause is more important than any of my running woes.

I wanted to be mad that I'm not heading into this big adventure at 100 percent, but why bother? I'll smile anyway. You don't get to choose life's roadblocks, but you get to climb over them however the hell you want. 

I'll probably just crawl over mine on all fours.