Stop. Rewind. Explain.


OMG Locke is Jeremy Bentham why is Claire's disappearance still not explained and WTF is going on with Christian why was he two places at once I cannot believe they left Jin to blow up and where the hell did the island go and what about the people on the safety boat when the island disappeared how did Ben get off the island I'm so happy Penny found Desmond I almost cried and I DON'T UNDERSTAND ANYTHING THAT HAPPENED!

Did you get all that? Because I didn't.


I don't understand why Locke is Jeremy Bentham, and furthermore, how Locke even got OFF the island, which disappeared, thanks to Ben, who is ALSO off the island.

And Sun? What is she doing making nice with Widmore?

I need to know why the Oceanic Six need to go back just because crazy Locke told them to. What "bad things" happened? Why do they care? Unless it involved the death of Sawyer and/or Juliet.

I cannot believe they ended the season without further explaining Claire and what the hell happened to her. I DON'T UNDERSTAND.

Don't get me wrong, I am absolutely satisfied with everything I've seen, but I need answers.

And I really hope we see Desmond next season. And Penny. Because it was STILL never explained why, at the end of season two, those two guys in the frozen tundra called Penny in the middle of the night to tell her "we think we found them (or it? ) (him?) (don't remember)."

Does anyone have any such answers? Conspiracy theories? Clues? Hints? Guesses?

Let it be discussed here. Thanks in advance.