Still watching LOST.

Here is what I have decided today: The intro to the show, you know, the floating "LOST" logo drifting on a black screen, creepy music, and all?


I don't like it. Especially at the end of each episode when it just pops on screen with a random drum beat. I am a-feared! It makes me nervous!

And I just found out that Sawyer got his cheating girlfriend killed by her husband, who then killed himself! And left behind a depressed little orphan! WHAT? Oh, Sawyer. You have baggage.

And is it just me, or do you feel a little tingle every time Sawyer calls Kate "Freckles," too?

And p.s. I hate Shannon. I don't care that she has asthma. And don't worry, I know her fate. I actually saw that episode. But still. Right now, in season one, she's a rich bitch.