Still out there?

Hi, still alive. Just, you know, doing things. Like, sleeping. And WORKING. Because I do that now; work. Almost forgot how. Good thing it's only part-time. Baby steps, people. Baby steps. Worked a water station during the Madison Marathon over the weekend. Raise your hand if you ran it. I'm looking at YOU, LesleyG. And Collin. And apparently everyone else in Internet land. Because I met ALL of you! It was like the twilight zone. Real world and Internet world collided. Lesley's in Colorado, for crying out loud. Yet, here she was, hugging me and snapping a photo two miles into her marathon. Loved it.

I heart you, Internets. Pink, puffy heart. And, by the way, you're next on my list, Beast Girl. Watch out.

Most bizarre moment, though, was the man who ran past, grabbing a cup of water yelling, "Kritta? Is that you? I saw you on Twitter!"


Suddenly @krittabug is recognized on the streets, literally. Internets is fun. Thanks, Bill Gates. Or was that Al Gore? Er, no. Al Gore invented global warming. No, that's not right either.

In other news, went out for my first run post-marathon yesterday. It was so good I couldn't even go today for fear of not living up to my expectations. That and I'm a lazy sonofabitch, but that's just details. But my run was great. Best 7 miles in recent history.

Also, my old college buddy dug up the following photo, circa 2003. Halloween. We were Hooters girls. Savor it because it's the last time you'll see me in such a get-up. Ever.

Happy Halloween, friends.