Stephanie, Miss Doxie - meet Dooce.

So, suddenly there's Dooce. My third favorite blogger I've ever found. Think Stephanie Klein, but funnier. And Miss Doxie, but more sarcastic. She's the perfect blend.

I laugh. She has an adorable daughter, Leta, who she blogs about frequently. She's blunt. Hilariously honest. And seriously, her blog is named after poop.


Read it. Now. A sampling:

"We had struggled with what we were going to teach her to call her parts, and before you freak out and call the police because we’re encouraging our child to nickname her vagina, don’t I know that now that I’ve allowed such aberrant behavior she’s going to grow up and nickname the severed limbs in her deep freezer, let me assure you that we’ve gone ahead and taught her the correct anatomical designations as well. It’s not like we’re calling it her Wallace or her Supreme Chancellor Palpatine."

(Photo: That would be Dooce, aka Heather B. Armstrong)