I just received word from the local Elks Lodge, who I had contacted about my Team In Training cause, and at last night's monthly meeting they approved a motion to donate $100. The head of the Lodge is going to match that, which brings me my largest single donation yet! $200! Time is dwindling to meet my goal of $3,800, so every time I see a new donation, I pee a little. It's so exciting. Like Christmas, only cooler.

I just have $1,130 to go, which sort of makes me want to die, considering the little bit of time I have left, but I'm going to keep pushing. If I can accomplish this one goal, it will put a final, perfect touch to my year. And it will hopefully make a difference to someone else.

So you know what that means. Tell your friends. Your employers. Anyone who will listen.

Help me.

OK, thanks.