Speaking of the Nike + iPod System...

Because that's totally what we were talking about, right? I FINALLY put my sensor on my shoe, plugged the little doo-dad into my Nano and made it work. And I have never experienced anything so amazing ever in my life. Ever.

(I'm kidding. A little.)

But seriously. I got the Nike + System for Christmas last year, and have yet to touch it. I thought it'd be complicated, and since I tend to be technologically handi-incapable, I didn't even want to bother.


It's amazing. It talks to me. And tells me how far I've run. And how long I have left in my run. And cues my "Power Song" just when I need it. ("Misery Business" by Paramore is my Power Song, by the way). It's so SIMPLE.

So consider this my nod of approval for that bad boy. F'real. If you have an iPod Nano, get the Nike +. I would not tell a lie to you. About this.

Speeeeaking of Paramore, the Twilight Soundtrack came out today, OMG. I need to go buy it. Like, ten minutes ago.