Sort of morbid.

I ordered a new Road ID today. Mom is absolutely convinced I need this contraption. WHAT IF YOU DIE? she demands. HOW WILL ANYONE KNOW WHO YOU ARE? WE'LL NEVER FIND YOU! YOU'LL DIE ALL ALONE!

Golly, wow. Hmm. That all sounds very bad. And dramatic. But alas, I do it to please her.

The Road ID has my name, emergency contact numbers, allergies, blood type, etc., etc. Mostly anything you'd want anyone to know should they find you laying unconscious in the street. Which is precisely why I intend to include "likes pizza" and "please be gentle when you tell my mother I'm dead" on mine.

OK, that is not true at all. But as I was filling out the necessary information (A positive blood type, organ donor, no known allergies), I realized, holy shit, this is information for if I potentially die.

And I got completely creeped out.

There, engraved on a small piece of metal, it says that I am an organ donor. So, please, if I don't awaken after the marathon, give my heart to someone who needs it. If it's still working. And my blood is A positive. I have no known allergies, so please use what you will to revive me.

Both of my parents' phone numbers are also listed. Emergency contacts. Call in case of emergency.

So, I'll have this sweet, little contraption to wear on my wrist - in purple! But here's to hoping it never needs to come in handy.