Sort of crabby. And dramatic.

This election ends in three weeks and one day. I'm not counting, of course.

Let me first back up. This gig is GREAT money. So, that's a plus. It has and will open up many, many doors. Also a bonus. My candidate is amazing. And I don't just say that because I have to, I say that because I can. He is good people. If he loses, I don't care that it'd put a fat, red 'X' on any future campaigning endeavors for myself, I care because he deserves to win. I will cry.

I'll cry for him, of course. If he loses, he's done. He'll also lose the job he's had for eight years. He'll lose the opportunity he deserves. He'll lose and it won't be fair. 

But I'll also cry because, god dammit, did I just spend two months slaving away for NOTHING? 

This job is getting stressful. Hectic and stressful. I can't get into details because, well, it's an ongoing campaign. But, Jesus. When it IS over, I won't be sad. In fact, I'll kiss my free time. I will HAVE time to myself. I won't be on-call at every moment of every day, receiving and responding to e-mails from my bed in the middle of the night when I should be sleeping. 

Never mind that in three weeks and one day, I'll again be job hunting. And almost homeless. 


OK, so now that I'm done being dramatic, I'll say that I AM DRAMATIC. I am having a blast, if I'm going to speak honestly. I love this city, I love the potential, I love the people I've met. 

The end of the campaign is just another hurdle to jump. And we all know I'm damn good at jumping over hurdles.