Something to talk about, indeed.

You guys, American Idol isn't even over yet tonight, and I had to come talk to you.

That was, by a long shot, Sanjaya's worst performance. Ever. Times eight. Thousand. If he makes it this week, so help me, God.

Phil was great for once. I liked it. He needs to go country. And if he goes home in lieu of Sanjaya, since he's a likely candidate given recent weeks, ugh. I will bleed fire.

And Jordin? Man, she's good. She needs to win.

I just had to get that out there. Sanjaya? I hate you.

Please hold, I shall return in a half hour...

... OK, wait. I'm back. I am so over LaKisha. I really am. Does that make me a bad person? She couldn't pull off that song, even if it was originally performed by a former Idol, my secret girl crush, Carrie Underwood. LaKisha lacks personality. And her performances have been slipping. And I'm totally over her French manicure, which is way too long.

I don't think Chris did as bad as the judges think he did. I kind of enjoyed it. However, he is a bit nasally. I can see him in the bottom three tomorrow night. But he better be right next to Sanjaya, man.

OK, I'll be back in a minute...

... and, hi. So, Melinda did awesome. She actually had fun, it appeared. Good for her. And I liked her hair, which totally counts, right?

Blake is next, and I already know I'm going to like it, but I'll be back to confirm that. But for now, my Dream Bottom Three are: Sanjaya, LaKisha, Chris (even though I hate to say it)...

... OK, I'm back for one last time. So, Blake, my boy, country isn't really your thing. However, with that said, good song choice. "When The Stars Go Blue" by Tim McGraw is a fabulous song. You're still in my top two, don't worry.

And as an aside, did anyone see Simon roll his eyes (on camera, no less) when Chris mentioned the Virginia Tech shooting? Yet, when he was critiquing Blake he threw in an awkward, "On behalf of the judges, our heart goes out to the families," etc.? How much do we want to bet some Idol staffer made him do it to make up for his eye roll? Compassion is just not Simon's thing.