Something, had you asked me, like, yesterday, I never thought I'd blog about.

I received a used book in the mail yesterday from a friend. She promised it was a good book, ordered it from

And I am WAY too bashful to even say the title out loud. It's, um, it's called... Well, the name of it is, uh, (COUGH) Cunt (COUGH).

Oh, God. I said it.

The full title is: Cunt: A Declaration of Independence, written by Inga Muscio and Betty Dodson, but if you don't want the mouthful, it's, well, you know, the "C-word." (Cunt. Cough).

Apparently it's rather witty and gives all of us an excuse to use the word cunt in our blogs, but I must admit that when I opened the package, and found a used Cunt, I blushed a little. And put it on the bookshelf, where I shall forever see the bolded word, uh, Cunt, screaming at me from the second shelf.

Oh, man. Forgive me, Lord, for I have blogged the word "see-you-en-tea." Repeatedly.

In all seriousness, though... Well, actually, no, this is not serious at all, the book did make for enlightened conversation.

"Kritta. Do you mind if I send you a used Cunt in the mail?"


Also something along the lines of handling Cunt with care. Opening a package and finding Cunt. And also, "Hey, Beth. I got your Cunt in the mail yesterday."

It all sort of makes me want to die a little inside. And also wear gloves. And use protection.

Oh, God. I'm going to wash my mouth out with soap now.