Somebody slap that pouty bitch.

I was just whipping through posts from last November, looking for a Thanksgiving post, and all I found was a whole lot of depressing drivel. I was, like, full-blown emo. Like this. And this one. And another.

All I wanted was a post in which I prattled on about things I was thankful for, you know, since it's that time of year. But apparently I was thankful for nothing. And life is HARD. And I bet I wore a lot of black and cried myself to sleep.

Good grief.

But this year, I swear, I am thankful. Mostly because all of last year's pouting proved pointless since I kicked and screamed and punched and packed and moved and got poor and moved again and once more, and here I am - back where I started, before I was dragged away, kicking, screaming and punching. When I was a ray of sunshine. See? I am shiny again. And sparkly.

Speaking of sparkly, did you know the vampires in "Twilight" sparkle in the sunlight? Because I am thankful for them, too.

And for my parents, because you should FEEL the mattress they scrounged up for me. It's like a cloud. I could sleep for 13 days straight. Also, you know, they do a lot of other things for me, like carry heavy furniture up multiple flights of stairs each time I move, and love me. Mostly unconditionally.

My sister took me to a Jason Mraz concert and bought me a tour t-shirt, and if that's not something to be thankful for, then I don't know anything. She also lets me teach her how to run, which makes me feel smart, which is something to be thankful for. And she does silly things with me like pierce body parts and jump in a frozen lake.

About that, the jumping in the frozen lake thing, that was fun. I'm thankful for the fun I've had this year. I ran marathons, I went to concerts, I laughed - a lot, and traveled to D.C. I dog-sat and house-sat and rode my bike a hundred miles. I played with babies and footballs and rode on the back of dad's motorcycle. I moved and blogged, pierced holes and covered tattoos. I found a boyfriend, a new job, and the perfect running shoes.

And that boyfriend, he's a keeper. I'm thankful that every time he answers the phone, it's as if we haven't spoken in weeks. "Hiiiii!" His excitement is edible. And he doesn't judge me for wearing sweatpants. Every day. He can stay.

I'm thankful I can run. That I'm healthy. That I've got running resources and shoes and clothes and gear and accessories at my fingertips. I'm thankful that because I run, Sour Patch Kids can be a staple in my diet. Because of that, I'm also thankful for ACT Restoring Mouthwash and my electric toothbrush.

I'm thankful for Harley and Chicken, even though Harley continues to use my hardwood floors as a platform for her shit, rather than her litter box. When I wake up in the morning with one cat at my head, and the other at my side, all the shit is worth it.

Mostly I'm thankful that although life is still kind of hard, and it's difficult to make ends meet more often than not, it doesn't really matter. I can survive. Because I have vampires, and parents, a sister, a boyfriend, Nikes, cats, healthy legs, laughter and Dawson's Creek on DVD.

Like I said, the shit is worth it.

Happy Thanksgiving.