Some more about running and those dang push-ups.

I have faithfully been completing 50 push-ups a day since the Cellcom Half Marathon on May 20. And when I miss one day, I throw 'em on to the next day's set. Which means last night? I did 100 push-ups.

Not. Cool.

I've been known to have noodle arms. Not necessarily small as noodles, but about as strong as a wet one. And perhaps you've never attached wet noodles to your shoulder blades and attempted to complete a push-up, nonetheless 100, but, it's about as neat as ripping out your hair by the handful.

However, I've been improving, I have. Upon first attempting this daily feat, I completed 50 push-ups like a girl. On my knees. But now I'm up to 20 regular push-ups and 30 Noodle Push-Ups. And I bet I could beat my soon-to-be eighth-grade cousin in an arm wrestling match.

The point of this adventure is to have Killer Arms for The Wedding. I've got a (*** SPOILER ALERT - Fiance, plug your eyes - SPOILER ALERT ***) strapless wedding dress, and dangit, if my arms and shoulders are going to be exposed, you better believe they're going to look presentable. And by presentable I mean chiseled. Non-wobbly? Without bat wings. And I will succeed, you guys. I will. You just wait.

Nevermind all the running I do that is giving me some killer legs. Because, of course, those'll be hidden by a dress. Shoot. However, good things the abs will also be covered by a dress, because those? Are getting nowhere. But I am running. I took a mini running vacation after the back-to-back half marathons, but I think the fun is over now.

Tonight the local paper is interviewing Courtney and I about our Team In Training efforts (of which I have now raised $790) in hopes of raising awareness and plugging our upcoming brat fries at Wal-Mart. We're trying to organize a fun run fundraiser in town, too, but we'll see how that goes. By gosh, we will raise this money if it means selling my soul to brat-eating Wal-Mart shoppers.

And up ahead is a long summer of running. In the early mornings. In the evenings. On weekends. When it's hot out. When it's raining. When I'd rather pull my hair out by the handful. I hope to get at least one half marathon in this summer, and some 5Ks or 10Ks to work on speed. Then it's fall. And time for 26.2 miles.

Hot dang.