'Sock it to me,' bike rides and things of that nature.

It's always the good weekends that are so short-lived. It's already Sunday evening and Real Life starts again tomorrow, which really puts a damper on things like my Overall Well-Being and Quality of Life.

The Fiance and I both headed our separate ways to Milwaukee yesterday. He to a pool party, and I to "Erin and Krista's Day of Fun," which is actually what I wrote on my calendar a month ago when we made the plans.

And we had such a blast. She has swiftly moved to the top of my Favorite People Ever List, which, just so you know, is a very, very small list. An exclusive crowd. Invites only.

We, of course, hugged and squealed, and I marveled at her husband, Dave, who is really such a charming, soft-spoken guy, except for the two or four times I wanted to punch him in the forehead during an eWar on her blog. He gets feisty on the internet, that one. But in real life, he's quite all right.

Before heading out on our bikes I opened my bridal shower gift - mixing bowls, brownie and cake mix, cake frosting, a bottle of wine and a box of Nerds - and that is approximately when I moved Erin to the top of my list. Nerds? Really? That is the way to a girl's heart. I'm just saying.

Our bike ride took us along the lakefront which, oh my God, I miss so much. Through my old, college neighborhood, to the coffee shop for fruit smoothies and rice crispy treats and a quick stop at Oakland Gyros to meet The Fiance for a small hello before he headed to his party. The introduction went smoothly, and I was granted permission to both remain friends with Erin and marry The Fiance. Phew.

A bike ride swiftly turned into a trip to the bookstore (where I melted, because books? They are also a way to my heart). A trip to the bookstore quickly turned into a bottle of wine and a viewing of Erin and Dave's wedding DVD, which, in case you were wondering, makes me wish I had a videographer for my wedding. And also a million dollars.

One bottle of wine, one wedding, several conversations about inappropriate things, and one shower later, I was much more intoxicated than originally anticipated. Half a bottle of wine and only one Rice Krispie Treat for the day will do that, I suppose. But we quickly gussied up and headed downtown for The Best Sushi I've Ever Had In My Life.

Sake Tumi. Also sounds like "sock it to me," which makes me laugh. The place was delicious. And we each probably ate the equivalent of our body weight in sushi. And one martini, each. We talked weddings, and friends, and life. And wound up in a sushi coma on her couch, watching Lindsay Lohan, pre-crack whore, in The Parent Trap.

It was a high-quality Girl Day. The kind of day that restores my faith in Girl Days and discovering new friends. The Fiance and I headed home together last night in post-Good Day bliss, only to be rudely interrupted by Sunday. And a long day of work. And wishing our wedding would just get here so we could go on vacation. Together, of course.