So this will be fun.

Temperatures will hover in the 30s, if we're lucky. Not to mention the rain. And potential snow. Accumulating snow, even. And I get to run a half marathon at 8 a.m.

I love me some Wisconsin springtime. Seriously.

Call me crazy, but I remember running in shorts and a sleeveless shirt not even a week ago. It was perfect. PERFECT. But leave it to April to ruin the delicious running weather.

I'm not expecting great things out of the race tomorrow, but it'll be $35 well-spent, I'm sure. Like I'm going to turn down the opportunity for a medal and t-shirt. Please.

So, wish me luck. I packed all my once-tucked-away winter running gear, and am ready to combat the snow. So, if nothing else, it'll be adventurous.

I'm all about adventure, you know.

:: cough ::