So, that was kind of hard.

I ran eight miles last night, not accidentally. I met up with Tim and Laura at the lakefront, and Tim kicked my ass. Because I've decided to go green (minus the part where I find it necessary to blast the air-conditioning), I ran the mile down to the coffee shop, where we met, instead of driving.

An aside: you'll be pleased to know I walk EVERYWHERE. I have now put only eight miles on my car in five days. EIGHT. I used to drive at least 60 a day. I have taken up regular walking trips to the grocery store, WITH my cloth grocery bag, even. Saving the world one Pick 'N Save at a time, people.

OK, back to the run:

The three of us took a few loops along the lakefront, weaving in and out of kids and inline skaters and strollers and fishermen and hardbodies (ew?) and lighthouses. Tim kept us going at a pretty good clip, and was kind enough to keep us hydrated.

"Drink more water. Now. DRINK IT!"

When we wrapped up the run, Tim convinced us to run some hills. Backward. Because, why not, right? And that was HARD. He told us some things about balance and working different muscles, etc., but what I heard was, "This is crazy." But I'll be damned if the burn didn't feel kind of good.

We ended at the coffee shop, where we began, and I ran the last mile home.

This city is not going to suck at all. I'm still trying to wrap my head around the fact that I live here again, and that it's fantastic and that there are real people to talk to on a regular basis (at work, even! WHOA), but soon enough it will be home.

I think I told you guys I was going to tell you about my new job. Whoops. Forgot.

A few things: I like it! It's downtown! They give me catalogues of office supplies and furniture and say, "Order whatever you want." And I'm all, "Whatever I want?" Yes.

So, today I'll have my new stapler and mouse pad and calendar and file folders and tape dispenser and business car holder and file trays delivered to my cubicle, where yesterday, a bookshelf and bulletin board were delivered.

Tomorrow I expect my La-Z-Boy and refrigerator to show up.

Just kidding.

They don't let me have that.