So, it was 80 degrees today.

Summer's here. In April. Not that I'm complaining. I just don't think I'm quite ready. I mean, my A/C unit is sitting in my parents' basement and my running hat and gloves are still perched on my shelf, because I'm pretty sure I was wearing them two weeks ago. Welcome to Wisconsin. My blog's been a little quiet lately. I think I was having an Internet Identity Crisis. Twice in almost as many weeks I had to question this blog and my social media life as a whole. Twitter, dailymile, Facebook, blogging. And then I decided, fuck you, I like my blog. It's for me. I'm a writer. These are my thoughts, this is my place, if you don't understand or respect it, kindly go back to 1997. Welcome to 2010. This is the in-ter-net. Welcome to so-cial-me-di-a. There. Say it out loud. Now kiss  my ass.

The purpose of this blog is not to entertain you. It's to entertain me. It's to engage my thoughts and my creativity. Dailymile has brought me to some amazing people. Twitter, the same. Facebook? Well, since I don't participate in Farmville, I guess I don't know what I'm doing there, but still. I like it. And that is the last time I will ever rationalize what I do.

In other news, my favorite Ohio best_friend_forever had a baby today, and she's adorable. The baby, that is. Well, Sara's adorable, too, but that's a given. I'm proud of her. Sara, that is. Although the baby did a good job today, too. I've watched Sara grow as a wife and a friend and a person in the last few years, and now she's a mama. And I can't WAIT to meet the sweet little pea.

So that's my update. It's hot out and I like to blog. I hope you wrote all that down.