So, in other news.

I have one week to come up with - wait, let me count - nine-hundred and thirty-five dollars. $935.

Sixty-five dollars less than a grand.

What the hell, people. I don't even make that much money in two weeks. This is the part where I start to panic and lose my appetite and chew on my fingernails, again.

I really wanted to raise this money on my own. All $3,800. That was kind of part of the goal. Part of what made the Team In Training experience so inspiring.

And I still need $935.

* Update: I need 67 people to donate $14. That all sounds reasonable to me. Do you know 67 people? I know, like, eight, so, you know. Let's just consider this a donation rally. Like a drinking rally, only no drinking. So, right. A lot like that.

** MORE: I've gotten $305 in the past 20 minutes!

*** Eeep: $350 already. You guys are awesome! Keep it coming.