So, I'm still running.

Last night I ran 8.3 miles, and mostly felt like I weighed 359 pounds. It was a loooong 8.3 miles. And I ran with a friend, and a married couple, who A) are fast, and B) say things like, "Oh, man. That course has some awesome hills."

Awesome hills? That's sort of like saying Jake Gyllenhaal is ugly. Or that Katie Holmes is fat. Because you know what? That just doesn't happen. So that's a little intimidating.

But other than that, the running is going swimmingly. I've been running with a running club on Saturday mornings and it's fabulous. We went 11 miles on Saturday, and will run the full half marathon course this Saturday.

Speaking of the half marathon, it's in less than three weeks. My how time flies when we're having fun, yes?

And after that? Another half. Or a 25K. And then another half, potentially. I've almost been talked into another marathon. But that's just talk. We'll see.

Oh, and, I haven't lost any weight. What the Hell. I'm sort of hovering on the brink of gaining, but I'll resort to bulimia before that happens.

(Just kidding).