So I was at a bar...

Stories that begin with "so I was at a bar" likely never end well. But I have a fabulous random story to share about Friday night. So, I was at a bar around the 10 o'clock hour Friday night, listening to a mediocre and very loud cover band, when the bartender swung over to tell us that there was a Grammy performer and award winner in our midst. At first I chuckled to myself, assuming he was mocking the band. And then he's all, "Yeah, you know Lady Antebellum, right?"

SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEECH, what? My thoughts came to a halt. OK, so I'll be honest and say before the Grammy's, I had no idea who Lady Antebellum were. And to be more honest, it wasn't until two days earlier that I learned they were a country band and pooh-poohed their download on iTunes, even though my sister BEGGED me to download "Need You Now." I'm all, "Country? N-o."


I peeked to the other side of the bar, and sure enough, there was a very tall, very good-looking, very much famous-looking man. Meow. We made our way to that side of the bar and instantly whipped out our BlackBerries to Google "Lady Antebellum" and find out exactly who this very tall, very good-looking, very famous-looking man was.

Charles Kelley.

Hmm, intriguing.

Lady Antebellum had just opened up for Tim McGraw that night, and apparently he and a couple cohorts needed some beer. Granted, my knowledge and appreciation of the band literally just blossomed in that second, but I was determined to not leave that bar without talking to him.

Through my Wikipedia stalking I also learned he's the brother of Josh Kelley. JOSH KELLEY. I LOVE Josh Kelley. OMG this was about to be magical. Josh Kelley is married to Katherine Heigl, and so by association I was about to pretty much meet the entire cast of Grey's Anatomy. And so, really, I'd like to say I also had a heart-to-heart with Patrick Dempsey, too. In my mind. Naked.

So, we made our move. He appeared friendly enough, and entirely approachable as he sat chatting with others at the bar, beer in hand. Within seconds we were shaking his hand, introducing ourselves, and talking about performing at the Grammy's. It was amazing, he said. He filled us in on some Tim McGraw details, too. Like, the guy leaves on his private jet after every show to go home, which I thought was odd. "Is he a cool guy?" we asked. Charles didn't really know. They'd only met him a couple times. They're TOURING with him, and have only met him a handful of times. Fail, Tim McGraw. Fail. Don't be rude.

So we chatted a little bit more, I fell a little bit in love, and then we parted ways. Not before he tipped a little bit out of his barstool (he wasn't drunk, it was a unsteady chair) and grabbed my shoulder for support. HELLO, there, very tall, very good-looking man.

So that's my claim to fame today. I went home and immediately purchased "Need You Now" on iTunes. And I love it, of course. For those of you who DO love Lady Antebellum, and are real, true fans, he was awesome. Super friendly, crazy humble, very tall (and VERY good-looking).

And that's all I've got for this early Tuesday morning. Good day, loves.