So I guess I can't laugh.

I'm learning new things about The Fiance now that we're cohabitating (read: Living In Sin). He can't drink coffee unless it's luke warm, and, um, he one time forgot to turn off the coffee pot (TODAY). He cooks quite well, and doesn't like frosting on his poptarts.

But it was when I looked through his CD collection (one I'd never seen before) that my eyes widened. Elton John's Love Songs. What? Elton John? OK, I don't hate on Sir Elton. However, Love Songs? It made me think maybe I don't want to know why he has it. Memories of an old flame? A CD leftover from another life? Regardless, my first instinct was to giggle. Out loud. Perhaps point and laugh.

"Ha. You have Elton's Love Songs. Ha, ha." Something along those lines.

But then I popped it into the computer to upload it on iTunes. And the first song I heard was "Can You Feel The Love Tonight?" THE LION KING. Only my favorite Disney movie ever created. And then "The One." And "Daniel." And "Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me" live, with George Michael. Excuse me? I used to LOVE that music video. I had some sort of twisted, unmentionable crush on George. Don't tell anyone. So I spent the next 11 or 13 minutes feeling sentimental and weepy, while Elton serenaded me with Love Songs, and The Fiance did homework in the other room, unaware I was THISCLOSE to poking fun at him.

And now Elton's on my iPod, and I'll probably listen to him and reminisce about Princess Di while I listen to "Candle in the Wind."