So, I can't sleep. Can you tell?

What better to do on a Monday night (Tuesday morning?) than blog, right? I just thought that I'd announce I've run every day for two consecutive weeks. That is some sort of personal record, I know it. I'm kind of like a proud mama. Of myself. 

I've only run three or four miles each day - or the accidental five-and-a-half from Saturday - but it's enough to make me feel good. Now that I've gotten in the habit, my daily run has become more of a need than a have-to. It feels routine now. It's something I look forward to, most days. All of that was ultimately the goal, so I'm happy it's only taken two weeks. And I tell you what, I can run three miles like a pro by now. I'm running that loop with my eyes closed. (Not true).

I plan to keep it up until I just don't want to do it anymore. Hopefully that's no time soon. Now that I feel like it's part of my day-to-day routine, I'm hoping that provides the motivation to keep it up in the middle of winter. However, ask me that in the middle of winter and I may have a different story to tell. 

To add to the fun, my sister has made it her dying wish (she's not really dying, but doesn't that sound dramatic?) to run a marathon with me. Prior to this weekend, the girl's run recreationally about one block in her whole life, but I got her out running a mile with me the other morning.

Again, proud mama.

I never realized how knowledgeable I actually am about running until words and advice were spewing from my mouth over the weekend while she tried on running shoes and piled on the running apparel I gave her as a (LATE, cough) birthday present. She's so excited, and that's so FUN. I feel like a mama hen, all giving her training advice and helping her make goals for the coming months. 

I'm like her own little personal coach. Makes me feel all fuzzy inside and whatnot. 

In other news, Erin may have (or is trying to) convinced me to do the Door County Half Ironman with her in July. It's something like a mile-ish swim, fifty-plus-mile bike ride, topped off with a half-marathon. The only current drawback (other than dying) would be the need to rent a wetsuit, so we'll see. But that would certainly blow marathons out of the water in terms of feats-that-might-kill-me-dead. 

But I'll be damned if it doesn't sound like fun. I'm a sucker for silly ideas.