So about all that reading I'm doing.

Um, well, I'm kind of stuck on The Constant Gardener. The first half of the book was a breeze - read it in nearly one sitting. However, now I'm just kind of stuck. I've got about 100 pages to go, and it's the longest 100 pages of my life.

I have high hopes for the movie, featuring Ralph Fiennes (also known as Lord Voldemort, hello, Harry Potter fans) and Rachel Weisz, who I sort of love. But the book - eh, well. Sigh.

After reading The Kite Runner (FANTASTIC), I'm feeling a little let down. However, maybe the book'll pick up in the last hundred pages.

I originally planned to read Life of Pi next, but since I've heard bizarre things about it, I'm going to read Blue Water by A. Manette Ansay next, instead. Life of Pi can wait.

Anybody else have any book recommendations? Please advise.